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2024 Yearly Luck

Open Bookings for 2024 Yearly Luck


Our 2023 Yearly Luck Appointment will be opened for bookings on 2nd of September 2023 9.30am. Only phone bookings are accepted. Bookings made via emails and voice messages will NOT be accepted.

2024 Wedding Dates

Choosing of 2024 Wedding Dates


2024 Weddings Dates will be available for selection starting from lunar 8th month. Feel free to contact us for more details.

About Mr Chua

Mr Chua was an engineer in the Building Industry in his early twenties and has achieved Master's Degree in Civil Engineering. Presently, he also holds a Master's Degree in Business Management awarded by Shanghai University as well as Bachelor's Degree awarded by University of Toronto.

Having keen interests in ancient Chinese science and culture, Mr Chua explores and studies Geomancy and Life Philosophy in his spare time and developed a passion in this area in his early years. He then proceed to further his knowledge in this field. It has been more than 30 years since Mr Chua established this Centre and currently, not only is he engaged as a consultant for many housing, he is also a consultant for various listed companies and enterprises all over different countries.

Mr Chua was invited to conduct seminars for various types of organisations, associations, community centres, community clubs, shopping centres, army camp, radio station, television station, institutions and private clubs. He was also specially invited to Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Middle East etc, for talks and consultations from which, favorable comments were gained. Besides going overseas, Mr Chua also provide talks for local customers and contributed to Shin Min Daily News, a popular Singapore Newspaper's Writer's column, with articles on geomancy and life philosophy.

蔡 宗 杉 硕 士 
Mr C.S. Chua

​玄 機 專 業 風 水 諮 詢 中 心


80, Marine Parade Road, #19-07

Parkway Parade,

Singapore 449269

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